APA Young Researcher Awards


Sadiya Anjum

IIT Delhi

Sadiya Anjum is the scientist at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. She has been working on polymeric materials and their functionalization for biomedical applications. She is having keen interest in biopolymers and their characterization using various techniques.

APA Young Researcher Award 2017

Masao Kamimura

Tokyo University of Science,

Masao Kamimura is Assistant Professor at Imaging Frontier Center (IFC),Research Institute for Science and Technology (RIST), Department of Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo University of ScienceĀ  Japan. Dr Kamimura has ben working in the field of near-infrared(NIR) fluorescence bioimaging system and it is new medical imaging technology to the world. Apart from that we are developing transparent flexible display devise using rare-earth doped ceramic nano phosphors(RED-CNP) material and polymers

APA Young Researcher Award
Criteria for the award

  • APA Young Researcher Award is open to any person from any place across the world who has been involved in polymer related research activities.
  • Award is restricted to the people up to the age group of 35.
  • Award would be given to the persons from industry/ academic organization/ research institutes.
  • Contribution to APA and its activities are required
  • Recent CV and a letter of recommendation needed.