APA Young Scientist Awards


Porf. Biman Mandal

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati, India

Young Scientist Award 2018

Prof. Won Jong Kim

Pohang Univ of Sci & Tech (POSTECH)
Pohang, KOREA

Young Scientist Award 2017

Prof. Anupama Sharma

Panjab University
Chandigarh, India

Prof. Anupama Sharma is associated with the SSB University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. Prof. Sharma has been working in the field of biopolymers, nanomaterials and nanocompistes for biomedical applications

Young Scientist Award 2016

Dr. Vikas V Gite

North Maharashtra University
Jalgaon, India

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, India, 2005. Have taught to the M. Sc. Polymer Chemistry, B. Tech. and M. Tech. Polymer students of the university. Teaching topics covered are Principles of Polymer Sciences, Industrial Polymers and Paint Technology, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Polymers, Advance topics in polymers, etc.

Young Scientist Award 2014

Dr. N.G. Shimpi

Departmnet of Chemistry
University of Mumbai
Mumbai - 400032

Dr. N.G. Ghmpi is presently an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry in Mumbai University. His research interest includes nanomatrials and their functionalization, biodegradable polymers, conducting polymers, gas sensors, rubber nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes and multifunctional nanomaterials.

Young Scientist Award 2013

Prof. Pralay Maiti

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU),
Varanasi, India

Dr. Pralay Maiti is Professor and Coordinator of the School of Materials Science and Technology. His research are includes nanocomposites of polymers, hybrid materials, biodegradable composites and polymers from renewable resources, polymer gels, radiation resistant and electronic polymer, coatings and paints, self assembly in polymers, structure property relationship of polymers.

APA Young Scientist Award
Criteria for the award

  • APA Young Scientist Award is open to any person from any place across the world who has been involved in polymer related research activities.
  • Award is restricted to the people up to the age limit of 45.
  • Award would be given to the persons from industry/ academic organization/ research institutes. CV must include contribution in following domains.
    • Support & Interaction with APA
    • National/ International Visibility
    • Organisational Capacity
    • Scientific/ Research Contribution
    • Collaborations at National/ International Level
  • Strong CV along with two letters of recommendation needed.